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rules for building a BRIT the first time `round

1) Never set a timeline or a`ll bust both of them

2) it takes alot of asking totally stupid fucking questions on alot of forums to get good answers

3) BUY a can describe the shit all day long on the net but a manual with good pics in it will help you more than any forum will (Dave Stuebe) has some cool manuals on disc if ya absolutely have to build the thing on the computer desk

4) Buy a damn manual like everybody else....I can`t say this enough

5) be prepared to waste money on the wrong parts and stuff you don`t a matter of fact, I have found at least HALF of the jackasses out there selling Brit stuff are clueless as to what it truly goes on and will say anything to get yer $$$$ an interchange or part # list for Triumph and be on the safe side

6) plan on TEARING the motor down ALL THE WAY....and CLEAN THE SLUDGE TRAP......"What is the sludge trap?" you ask.....well, you will find it`s location,description, and purpose in the manual you are going to purchase.....REBUILD THE MOTOR.....or just throw money in the trash right now before you get started

7) type one or two questions at a time.....anxiety attacks are no fun for any of us to witness on the forum

8) If you have little time or little money, a Brit is not exactly the bike you wanna learn on......sure they are considerably cheaper to build than HD, but don`t plan to budget until you know what your gonna get yerself into as far as the MOTOR

9) do your homework BEFORE you buy parts

10) did I tell you to buy a manual?....cuz you need to

11) DO Brit stuff on ebay unless you know the dudes reputation or want to take the chance with your money
my personal recommendations are:
Dave Stuebe (
Four Aces Wes
Dragon Doug Drake (comes highly recommended)
Mardukis Vintage (Duki) (also recommended)
and forgive me if I`ve left anybody out

12) ask yourself "Do I really have the time and resources to commit to Brit?".....cuz if yer not sure,then buy something more familiar

seems to me,you are making this way fuckin harder than it has to be.....if you are stressin out after just a few weeks of tearing shit down and researching,then man you need a script of Xanax cuz the fun and games have ONLY JUST BEGUN.......HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

the end result is worth ALL the shit in the word though

so what you`ve got right now is a $650 non-running motor,some scrap metal,and a busted frame.....hell, man that describeds damn near 75% of ALL the Triumphs out there right now.....fret not, young naive....for all is still well in the world.....welcome to the British side

fix the frame....unless it`s bent....bent=trash....cuz it`s just cheaper to get another.....don`t trash the front loop....cuz as long as it`s straight, you just buy another hardtail section and weld it on if you don`t fix the old one

Now.......go buy a manual before you do anything else

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