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Can anyone recomend a regulator for '67 xlch?

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So i have one of those chrome mechanical ones that got knocked out by my fender breaking off (what luck!? 2 things break at once!). I cant seem to find a reg for it online. Any suggestions?
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I would get the original Bosch Regulator, I have seen them on Ebay
local auto parts volkswagon bosch reg same same
Parts store needs more info for VW reg. What years? It seems they ran different ones for different years.
They ran those bosch regs in the middle 60's up to about 70 or so. Anything less than bosch, is junk. Unless you get a new style, electronic one.....they last pretty good, just don't look stock.
get a vw bug bosch voltage regulator for a 68-71 generator engine. They work great and look vintage as well
Te bosch is available most auto parts like the guys said. I myself have gone the cycle electric that bolts to the end of your generator. very clean and will work with only one wire.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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