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Can Anyone Identify This Vintage Taillight?

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Hey guys, just picked up this cool tiny taillight from a buddy last night and was wondering if anyone can tell me what it's from. It's too cool not to run so it'll end up on my Triumph or Shovel, but I always like to know exactly where all the parts on my bikes originated. I've never seen one this small with the clear lens accomodation for the license plate light. The red brake lens is the same size as a quarter and has a "jewel" shape to it on the inside that shows up when the light turns on. It's got a really cool hinge feature that swings upen to access the light bulb. It's got 3 factory rivets that hold it onto the stamped steel bracket. Obviously, I'll be removing the rivets and the big bracket, but I thought that might help identify where it came from originally. A gold star goes to anyone who can help, THANKS!

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Looks like it might be from an old miliatry vehicle or aircraft support equipment that has been painted over.
Please flip it over so we can see the back. I have an idea what it might be off of. (Aircraft ground support vehicle if I'm correct.)
Connector looks very English. Possibly a Miller, but I do not know application.

so whats the cap on the socket mean? looks like an 1157 bulb would fit in there nicely?

is that a type of connector, like an early trailer connector.

regardless, it's pretty damn cool.....
so whats the cap on the socket mean?.
i was thinking that is a blackout cover for the bulb?
looks like its off an air force clarker 6 tow tractor. (a later one like vietnam era) if im understanding it correctly the black bayonet plug on the chain would turn the light on and off correct?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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