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Sawsall said:
...It is so great being able to take some stuff with you and the ability to bring more stuff back...
don't know the answer to the bagger/chopper question, but that's exactly why my FXWG sits most of the time while i'm riding my FLHSTC. the heritage has the factory bags as well as an aftermarket "trunk" up on a luggage rack. i can keep two jackets, two sets of rain gear, two sets of chaps, (gotta have stuff for sweety, right?) etc., in the factory bags and still have the trunk for day-to-day needs. as well as what i can carry in the windshield bag. i used to carry a tool bag on the front forks 'til i crunched the top of the fender when i hit a bump out in the campground at the buffalo chip. it's down low on the front frame now. i worry that it might keep cooling air from the engine, though.
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