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hmmmm i know all boards want the intro so here ya go..
been on here a bit.. mostly just reading... figured i'd wait til i had time to read and post to say anything... it goes...

im el butché... friends just skip the el.. unless we are all drinkin.

im not a fabrocator or a machinest or anything special...but i alway buy the first round for visitors. i;ve built a few bikes.. and major welding i sometimes farm out making blueprints outta cardboard. i figure let those who are pros be pros and i'll just keep doin' what i do. (this doesnt mean i cant weld i just dont have the eternity to grind it down to look pretty when it counts.).i do all the layouts, mechanicin, painting etc etc etc myself just not welding the down tubes.. i dont need them to fail me at 80mph.

i prefer shovels over all but never had a knuck or a flatty so im i guess my book is still unwritten. some are impressed that i can one kick (no warm prime kick) "dixie" but if all ya got to do on a friday is play with it you could dial in in there too...
ahhh jockey shifts are prefered.. and when you go back it just feels wrong.
and.. simplisity are what i like.. if you dont need it.. dont have it..
ahhm what else...
you can see everything at our site (local gaggle vs all the other ones you can find somewhere on there. all the pictures of the bikes i've "owned" are there (we all know you never just work on "just mine"). im broke like the rest of america. and make do where i can. got dreams of the 4 bike garage but the student loans take their toll and im limited to "dixie" and an 03 roadking to take the wife on vacations.. oh and a lil honda i take out in the field and run the dogs with.. (last spring it broke my ribs)
anything i missed?...just hollar
now, dear bike gods please let it warm up so i can go to the shed.. i dont like the cold in the teens...


el butché
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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