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Things are a little different in the state of Nevada, but I didn't have to do any of those things. You better hurray your ass up if you plan on getting it titled too though! That will take a bit of time. International Title Service can take care of you, but You're still going to be two weeks into a wait period for the paperwork to come back if you mail it out tomorrow... You proably only need a VIN inspection to get the title and maybe you can get it registered after... Do a search for titling on here. Some helpful things have been talked about. Maybe one of the thread will help you out.

Good luck and be sure and post an update!
alteredpilot said:
in order for a bike to pass inspection, what state of completion must it be in??
i mean, does it have to be road ready, or can it be 'intact'? like do you have to start it and run all the lights and brakes and all that good stuff??
just trying to beat the dec 31 deadline if i can just slap the bare essentials together and get it passes and registered non-op...

any input would be greatly appreciated...

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