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Buying a motorcycle with an out-of-state title

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**PICS NOW** Buying a motorcycle with an out-of-state title.

I've never bought a vehicle with a title from out of state before. Besides the usual rude people, is there anything I should do/not do, bring/not bring, or say/not say?

Particularly, a NY title, I bought the bike here in FL, from a NY owner. He signed off on the NY title, NY is one of those states that doesn't need a notary to do this, and he left it blank for me to fill out. The bike is a '76.

FL does not require a notary either.

Do they treat it as if it's a FL title and register it in my name and send me a FL title? Or do I just get a FL registration?

I'm probably making a mistake trying to accomplish getting the bike registered during my lunch hour tomorrow, but I'm achin' to go for a ride dammit!
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Dragon is correct. Very easy. You get the inspection form from DMV. You can take the bike in or have a cop sign off at your house. I have a motorcop down the street who signed off on the last 2 bikes I have gotten from out of state. Just in the last year. Ken
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