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bsa stuck cover

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i just tried to start working on a 66 BSA lightning motor i bought on ebay. I wanted to take the covers off to see what kind of shape it's in but i can't get the cover off the timing side. it seems to be stuck on the splined shifter shaft. is this a common problem? am i missing something. it should just slip over it right? on the other side i can't get 4 of the cover bolts out either but maybe that just needs some liquid wrench. not a good start so far.
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Sometimes the cover will get hung up on the shaft and the kicker shaft too. (I assume you are talking about the outer cover?) Not much to see under the outer one anyhow. The inner cover will get get hung up on the shift ratchet return mechanism, the ignition system and kick spring (if it hasn't already come off on it's own)....these things must be taken out of the way before taking the inner cover off.
Pretty sure you have to remove the clutch basket to get the timing side cover off.

Got a manual?
Just my 2 cents. I had the same trouble years ago, spent a long time just GENTLY rockin it and pulling. Never use a prying tool and don't twist it or pull one side. I know this isn't very technical advise but it worked I was just careful not to break or bend or force anything. But as always check your manual, if you can get past the read.
Pretty sure you have to remove the clutch basket to get the timing side cover off.

Got a manual?
You don't need to take the basket out to get the cover off (inner or outer timing side). Only if you want to take the trans cluster out. Get yourself an impact screwdriver with the #3 tip to gently shock the screws loose on the covers if they are stuck
It can be useful to know that the original screws are not #3 phillips like we all used to think. They are #3 Posidrive. If you can't get screws out, the head drills off pretty easy and you can get visegrips on screw after cover is off.
thanks guys. I used an impact driver on the left side screws but there four that just wont budge, might have to drill the heads off. I had been rocking the right side cover with no success but now that i know theres nothing else blocking it I'll keep at it
dont have a manual yet, this is my first BSA. sill cant get the cover over the shifter shaft, i wonder if it has been bent or distorted somehow. there's plenty of space around the kicker shaft but there isn't any space at all around that splined shifter shaft
Check your email, subject line "manual", might take a while to get there.
Finally got the covers off. Had to drill off three bolt heads on the primary side but managed to damage the cover in the process. Damn thing was glued on there. Have to find a new cover now or do some weld repairs. Looks like somebody left one of the inspection holes open for a while and mouse made a nest in there. Primary chain is rusted solid but once I cleaned out all the stuff in there and opened up the clutch it wasn't particularly worn.
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