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G'day all. Just a quick intro as I have posted a little on some BSA stuff here recently.

I am Kevin (NZ). over on the Brit Bike forum and own several A65 plus a couple of unit singles.

It is a bit of a joke that I write long winded missives over there. Hopefully once we get some decent Dating info published then there will be no further need or use for my missives.

I am a fair weather biker although I do ride all year round.
If I am interested in anything it would be 1966 to 1972 A65 bikes but I have owned more than a few Triumphs and other Brit bikes in my time.

Work as an aircraft engineer and as such have to do many annual conformity checks. While not an anorak I am definitely biased towards stock machines....
not into smoking, tattooed or big busted machines.
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