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BSA bobber ride in Aarhus Denmark

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Here is a video of me and my friend riding on our BSA B31
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nice - enjoy the bikes they both look great
Thanks Thomas, we enjoy them and have fun for little money - although they are not exactly tearing our arms of ;-)
aarhus ey ?
i wil be there this summer ,haven't been there since 1993 !

bsa's rule
still mis mine
Cool vid. I saw a travel show that visited Aarhus a while back. Nice place. Maybe a visit one day is due.

I have a B33, do you have any pictures of the bikes?
Aarhus is a lovely city that is worth visiting. Here are pictures of my b31
Those are some cool BSA's and cool video, thanks for that :cool:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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