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BSA 441 Board Track Racer kinda sorta.

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Well I found my way back to a British bike build. Been a while. Missed posting stuff here when I do other stuff, feels like somethings missing from my day. Sooo this should be a very neat one. I did mostly bobbers before, then I was in Cafe' land with a few builds & now I can do one Ive really been wanting to for a while. A single in the board track vibe.

Heres a few parts waiting...

Let the weird fun begin! (No, it wont be strait up board tracker, but the influence will be there a lot.)
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I still drool over that black gooseneck BSA you did a while back.
I love that bike too. It has gone from new york, to a new home in Santa Monica a while back. Lucky bike.
Man ..I love that little black seat...what's that off..any more pics...d32
Its a brooks seat, search brooks bicycle seat theyve made them forever up until present. The really cool thing is the bottom, Ill take a pic. Theres no supportthe leather just is stretched between to rivets in the back & the tip of seat, & you can adjust the tension.
Rims & tires came in. 21x 2.15 rims & 21x 3.25 tires. Shoulda bea nice.

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I'll be watching this'un!
Me too!
Can't wait to see what you do with the dream fork
Yea, bring it on Bozi! It's alWays fun to follow your build threads to see what you'll come up with next!
I will do it to it.
The "it" being a fairly nice 441. Its the first bike I feel bad dissecting. But its nice starting with a clean motor, nice hubs & brakes, & the BSA tank will be lengthened & narrowed. It is to stay true to its BSA nature to a point.
I can't wait to see this. I really wish I kept my victor.
Am I the only one wondering where the picture of the rest of the bike is?
Swooshdave, Ill post it, but I swear the first person that flames me for wacking up a perfectly good 441 is gonna get a wet willie. It looks nicer in pictures, really.
The left over parts are going to a good home to help somebody else restore one.

And yes, the Van sports Pink stars. & since the picture pinstripes.

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That's gonna look cool.
I'm using an old Brooks on my build also.

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Definitely interested in hearing about any take-off a couple 441's myself, Victor Specials.
Nobody is going to lose any sleep over a 441. Although that looks like a home market tank…
He did replace the stock tank. He thought is was from a C15 or something. Yes, I love the tank, the body lines on the side are nice. Itll be reused. Just changed a bit.
Can't wait to see this what an intersting concept and your the man for the job
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