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Busted the trans on my sportster...the trapdoor is cracked which is not that bad...its just the countershaft bushing hole in the motor case is cracked all around...that part really sucks. Guess thats what I get for speed shifting :(.

Anyhow...I hadda make up some simple tools to remove the clutch shell from the trans....first is a crude but effective item that locks the clutch shell to the hub so the nut can be removed. Its just a piece of 1/4 alum. that was made to fit by trial and error...I cut it out on my band saw.

The next one is alittle more holds the clutch shell and motor sprocket so the sprocket nut can be removed...the tool keeps the sprocket from spinning by locking it against the clutch shell...its two pieces of 1/4 thick flat stock held together with two bolts with nuts and washers to space it apart...again trial and error was used to make this one.

I pretty much got the idea for these tools from the original Harley manual, as they were nice enough to include pics...Im not sure how much they would have cost, but Im sure it wouldnt have been worth the $ for something that offers so little, I like making things....:D .


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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