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born free 3 knuck question,

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building a pan similar to the born free knuck. does anyone know if the front end is 4 over? or 6? any help appreciated. folks have told me its 4, but i want to make sure. also any build threads on that bike? thanks
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you could buy a ticket for this years show and win, (winner need not be present to win) one of two generator shovels,
or ask Mike D. on his blog site........
or P/M "notcool" (Grant) here on the Jockey Journal and ask him.
Hey there, it had a 4" over frontend but had a 1" up stretch in the frame.
Just go here and look at the old post on the build. I can't remember, but I think they posted allot of the build details.
you can PM me too if that helps.
cool, i will do that thanks!
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