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paypal as a gift or postal money order. ask for a shipping quote unless it says otherwise. PMS ONLY. dont be affraid to ask questions if i missed something.

harley grips. dont know anything about them or what they came off of. look old to me and pretty cool chain throttle set up. i beleive that was a triumph thing, but i could be wrong. sold shipped in the us

cool jesus loving prism tank. in good shape. nice and small not big and bulky like most. sold plus shipping

2 boranni rims.
-first is a WM1 21 40 hole record. extremely nice!!!!! just a bit dusty. i am 99% sure this has never had a tire or spokes on it!! perfectly straight and no flat spots just a little "shelf" wear and tear. SOLD shipped
-WM0 19 36 hole record. also very nice. its bin used, but no flat spots or dings. dead straight as well. would look killer on a triumph!!sold shipped

very nice and complete mousetrap. just has some overspray on it. all there. sold shipped

harley hummer tank. was chopperized, then someone started fucking up the coolness. its all there. would take about 4 hours to get this puppy back in "stock form. no real dents to speak of. maybe a very small ding or 2 but overall very nice. needs a new tunnel $100 plus shipping

brass flanders "z" risers. all threads are very nice. bodys arent beat up. there nice. buun narrowed and look better in my opinion. sold


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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