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Blown 45 build

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The build season is comming up here in sweden and my 45 is up for an overhaul again. I built it from an pile of parts from what must have been an seventies chopper.

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After the first winter it looked like this
rather bobbish

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Now i been drawn to more of a dragrace style.
The idea for now is to make it blown but maybe i go for a more radical N/A engine. Time will tell.
Hopefully i will have enough time and money to make this happen til next summer.
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The green is ok, not hot rod enough to me. Could be with some creatively executed striping or a complimentary color.

That fender is cool. Looks like an actual spare tire ring. Is it?

This thread is a testament to what cool parts, stubbornness, sarcasm, and of course beer can do.

Very encouraging.
Yes, it's an actual spare tire ring.
What would you suggest in terms of paint?
The black and red was hotroddish. The green would be cool but overdone in restorations in my opinion. This ain't that. Must be something cooler that should do it justice.
maybe add that HD logo and lines to the tank but leave it untouched otherwise, and then paint the fender black?
then you'd have the red/ black sceme but with the raw metal look on top...
How do you mean?
Raw metal tank with red logo and stripes?
Impressive photochopping!
Maybe one should go all out hot rod and junk the tanks and go for tube tanks no fender.
This gave me a boner

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I'm gonna be honest. I likes the original tank setup you had. You worked so hard on these new ones I didn't want to say anything. Both are badass, but color and style wise for me, my vote is the black and red ones. I love the paint scheme and shape.

It should look like a sleeper. Again, just my opinion. I like the little hot rod 45 that got a blower and some racing parts added that can do. It's kind of angry and mean looking. It leaks a little and smokes a little, but does what it says it would.
he's got a point there....

any chance that the pressure gauge fits in the dash instead of the odometer?
just a thought, speaking of sleepers. don't listen to me. ;)
Honesty are appreciated!
i like the old ones too, but they are to wide and the hole for the dash is buggin me. And i hate to hack up the old steel to make some homemade WR tanks. Repro WR tanks cost a fortune. I could have bought used 5gallon tanks and hacked them, but i didn't.

But as the bike sits now. Theres something that doesn't do it for me..
Tank shape.
Your'e killin me!
Everything on the bike is roundish and or has fins. The old tanks were voluptuous. The new are too angular. The tube tanks are cool but clash shape wise. This is my opinion. Makes no bearing. Your bike. I'm gonna be a fan either way. I wish I had a tank set to send for some carving up. One of those new one piece fat Bob things would be a good canvas to cut up. Even then, might not fit.

I got a coffin and a low tunnel wassel style.....
I got another wassel that has been modded and might fit for some chopping. Its past its use as is. Someone was um....trying to do something with it. It's integrity is still intact and shape. Tunnel is a mess up front.

Want it?
U got pics?
Not yet.

The front of the tunnel was modified to look like it was a low tunnel. The welder didn't think about heat control and lets just say it's narrower at the bottom. The penetration of the welds are good though, he definitely got it hot.
Gave the idea to cut up the tanks and take the angularity out of them some serious thought.
Then i changed my mind.
Let's polish these turds and see what happens?

Im not a shinny man, but i like this!!
Maybe i wright something cocky in black like BLOW ME1 on them
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Great tanks. I had nicknamed my project Blow me!
Polished....hmm. That adds some speedy style. The side view, they look good. Lettering should be simple in block style or simple cursive, not too thick. "Elffors" or your first name with "Special". There is a gun and a rock band called "38 Special", could do a play with "45" instead of "38". "45 Special"!!

The rear fender looks perfect. Needs a short sissy/lift bar to mount the rear fender.
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