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I picked this up from Lowbrow a few monthsago. Welded the front pivot on to the frame, then decided to go with a frame mounted rigid seat instead. It has never been ridden, only mocked up. The weld lug for the mount will need to be replaced($6.99 from Biltwell) or a new one fabricated. The seat retails for $120.00, and the Cast Stainless hinge for $80.00, I'll let them both go as a package for $120.00 plus $5.00 towards the shipping costs(continental U.S.A. only). This is an awesome seat with a nice kick up in the back, very comfy, just not what I'm after at the moment. PayPal only(as a gift would be great since I'm practically giving it away at half price)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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