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"Billy Bike" fuel tank at National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, IA.

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So I decided to visit the museum before it closes forever and gets scattered to the winds by Mecum. I've never been to this one before and always meant to get there, so no better time than now.

Anyway, they have a display of "Easyrider" bikes there.
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This post isn't in any way about the legitimacy or provenance of these bikes. Instead, I'm limiting the topic of this post to the tank on the "Billy Bike" presented here. I at least know that this tank is not "screen accurate", and I don't really care. To me this tank is cool in its own right, on its own merit. Take a closer look.

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Notice anything? Other than the front mount bolt being horizontal, where the original ones were vertical into the OEM mount, that is? Does it look to anyone else like this particular tank is upside down? It appears that the original tunnel and filler on this tank has been removed and filled, the tank inverted, and a new tunnel and filler welded in. I didn't take a pic of the top of the tank, and should have, because it is very flat from side to side. I've never seen this done before, and thought it was an interesting treatment. To hide in a tribute to such a famous bike is also an interesting choice.
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Billy's bike was and is always cooler! There I said what I said
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