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Fonzi, Where at in GG?

FONZI said:
I just wanted to post an invite to a show that my friends and I are helping to promote. It is at my friend's dad's Elk's Lodge in Garden Grove. It is set in a park setting with plenty of shade, cars will be parked on the grass. There will be a BBQ and there is a full service bar there (they know how to pour!). This is the second annual and we are trying to get a decent turn out. There is a $10.00 entry fee per vehicle. There will be stuff for kids to do, so they are welcome. Hot Rods, classics, and harleys are welcome. There will be trophys awarded. There will be some "non traditional" cars there for sure, but we would love to get somoe traditional rides there too. We think the old Elks would really enjoy it. Show vehicles check in time is 10AM. Show hours are 12pm until 5:00pm.

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