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bigtwin skid plate

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last piece needed. rider condition... let me know what ya got.. thank you, josh
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Ive got a nice chrome one, pm me if you want it $15 plus shipping
I'm looking for one of these bad boys too if anyones got one. Thanx.
I've got an oem skid plate in good condition.Can send pics if interested...thanks,Junker.
These are easy enough to make...unless you're building something period correct.

Heck...I made a dandy unit for my Frank bike!
I plan on makin one out of an old street sign ,they dont need to be that heavy for the type of riding I do,only needs to keep my cases from being sandblasted,or chipped from the occasional rock,might even speedhole it for extra cooling with quarter inch holes.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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