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Just took apart this big twin motor to repair a crack near the outside of one of the case studs and found this. The inside bearing cage on the sprocket side. Did this happen because of inproper end play? This motor was rebuilt about 20 years ago by a pervious owner. Can anybody lend any insite? Dragstews??



This is 48 and up...

The bearings should be the same for 47 as far as the way this photo shows the assembly....

For the cage to lock up...Had to hook on something...
Perhaps a piece of hard metal got under the bearing and momentary locked the bearings....If that's is what happen, should be signs in the case race of a lock-up...???

Sprocket shaft bearing clearance would be 0.0005 to 0.001

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and also look like it was missing 1 and 2
That would be the oil slinger and snap ring...

Be best to install a seal from these boys and forget about the factory set-up...

Fits 36-54 years...61"-74"-80" motors

If ya wanted to jump into today's world of Heavy Freak-en Duty with a 69-up Timken bearing on that side.....

Knucklehead left side case 1941-1947
Timken style bearing

Price: $750

This case is a faithful reproduction of the left-hand 1941-1947 Knucklehead engine case except that it has been made to take the Timken main bearing. With this case you can build your knucklehead using a '57-'81 pre-commonized crankshaft, which uses the stronger Timken bearing. It is made from 356 aluminum alloy which has been heat treated to T6 specifications. The cylinder deck and bore, the motor mounts, and the main bearing bore are all left with .040-.060 of material so that it can be perfectly matched up to your original right hand case, which we can do for you if necessary. If you want your motor to look like it did when it originally came from Milwaukee, then this is the case for you but with the later, stronger, Timken bearing.

You know.....If you was a Hot-Dogger from Hell and wanted Peace of Mind doing the Dirty-Dog on a straight bearing motor of yesteryear's design...The above case would fit the bill and keep a bone stock look...

Gotta say that the one inch shaft will take a little abuse...My 52 has a 4-3/4 stroke on the straight bearings. Been a watchful eye on maintenance over the years.
When I first built it so many years ago...The lower end got new case bushings and was fitted up with STD rollers...Granted, I don't beat the crap out of it every time I throw a leg over it. But do roll though the gears kinda hard...It's fun on this bike, Ya know..??

If I was going to play alot harder...Would love to have the Timken on that side.

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^^^^ .. That is .. IF .. it is a 47 Knuck....You didn't say it was..??
..................................Could be a U Flatty................................

As far as I know ... They have not been repo-ed as of yet....
Flat-Head Power (S&S) was in the think tank on them...
If and when they do make it on the market...Bet they will be some updates done in some known weak spots....

On your motor....It would be wise to do a line lap and fit up new over-size bearings to get it back with-in specks....If the bearing are maxed out on the over-size....No choice but to replace the case race, and start over at STD size......

Good Luck with it....They are meant to be rebuilt over and over again...
....................Old Harley's never die....They just Go Faster.....................

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......^^^^.......Close...But No Cigar.......^^^^......

thanks Stews. I was planning on lapping and fitting new bearings. Does anybody sell decent cages? I bought a few from teds and was not very happy with them
I seen the same thing from Tedd's with those...

Think it would be best to hunt OEM cages....

Harley used the same cages in many applications....
(1) Servi-Car Axle outer ends 32 and later.
(2) Wheel hub - 1935 and later 45 model rear wheel
(3) 1941 and later Servi-Car front wheel.
(4) 1937 and later Big Twin models, also 1936 OHV model front and rear wheels

Dimensions are
O. D. 1.453"
Thickest of the cage from one side to the other .581"
Thickest of the cage from the bottom where the roller sits in to the top of cage..502"
Number of rollers....12
Hole size is .260"

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