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Big Twin springers and disc brakes, help!

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I have a pair of Big twin springer forks and I want to fit a disc brake caliper to them ( London traffic being what it is you need a really good front brake ) has any one done this conversion and give me a bit of advice? Cheers.
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I'm pretty sure that there is a link on Duckmans website to tech site that goes right through exactly what you need to know,if I can find the link I'll post it on here,by the way is that the Matt D i think it is i.e the one having his sportster hardtailed by chopsnbobbers? Just found the link name for you,BlackJacks bike tech,nothing to do with me just similar names.
Funnily enough, it is something to do with me, and if you're in Swindon, I aint that far from you.......

Small world, wouldn't want to paint it though.
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