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Big Twin front drum brake

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I recently bought a front wheel that came off of a 67 shovel. I want to see if this will fit my current front drum brake assembly on my panhead. i understand that I may need a different axle, spacer ect since the hubs are different. Is there anything else that I might need.

Thanks, Tom
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The brake drum on the 67 will be different than the earlier pan. The 67 hub had sealed ball bearings where the pan had the star hub with the loose rollers in it. Which means the 67 brake drum had a sealed bearing in it.
check for left- or right side drum mounting on fork lowers. Early shovels had the drum on the right if I'm not mistaken
If you have only a complete 67-72 wheel, but a complete 48-66 front end, you need:
1 bearing for the drum
Probably the center spacer for the wheel (unless u have it loose with your wheel)

later shovels had brake on right but it won't matter for what u want to do. Only the sliders and backing plate were diff.
check for left- or right side drum mounting on fork lowers. Early shovels had the drum on the right if I'm not mistaken
The earliest shovels, '66-'68 had the drums on the left side. '69 was the first year for the right side drum.
thanks for all the good info on this. I will do some more research and see what i can come up with parts. Thanks, for everyones help on this.

not trying to jump in and steal what you got going here,i have a question and this seemed like the perfect time to ask,i got a 16" spoked wheel in great condition was told it was a 66 the drum is on the left,wondering about what a close guess of value would be.thanks for any input
Put it on the "whats it worth" thread.
the early big twin drums are the same as the WLA ones ;)
Where the hell did you come up with that bullshit!!
i ment WLC

you know whats bullshit all the chemo's i'm getting which blur my mind

thanks for your loving correction rubone !!
Sorry Diablo,
Didn't mean to slam you.
But this thread is about Hydra-Glide drums. So yes, BT springer drums and WLC are the same( so are Servi-Car mechanical rear and sidecar). But none of them fit Hydra-glide brakes of any year!
no worries
but he never mentioned what year his panhead is maybe my info could be of any help ;)
My panhead is a conglomeration of parts. 1960 motor, 57 straightleg frame, and a hydraglide front end. The front rim was off of a 66-67 shovelhead. The front brake assembly however is a stock panhead. I wasn't sure if the drum and some of the hardware were compatable with the hub. But it sounds as though i got a few choices. What i may opt doing is to can the shovel wheel and go with an early star hub set up.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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