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It appears I have posted on other threads before reading the rules, sorry. I here now to introduce myself. I've been riding and racing motorcycles for over 35 years now. All the racing has been on the dirt so far including cross country, motocross, desert and some flat track.

Had planned to do my first road race with AHRMA this year but a car wreck in June postponed that. Just had spinal surgery a couple weeks ago and it looks like I will off the bikes for about a year. Still have a fractured shoulder that is healing and a torn rotator cuff to be repaired too.

In the meantime I will keep myself busy rebuilding my vintage roadrace bike, an SR500 about to become an XT500 to lose about 75 pounds, and building a Triumph for the street. Not sure about where I'm going with the Triumph yet, could be an old school Bobber (think 1950's street tracker) or more of a hot rod cafe oriented bike for blasting through the Texas Hill Country.

After going to the Texas Mile event this past May I have also developed a terrible case of Salt Fever and am trying to figure a way to go to the BUB Trials next year with a very low budget approach. The Can Am roller I have in the shed may be my best choice there.
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