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I just realized that after a couple years of being a member, I haven't introduced myself. So here we go...

Ok, the basics; I live in West Salem, Wisconsin. I grew up in and around old cars and have always loved bikes. I've been riding for a little over a year. My pride and joy is a 74 XLH that I inherited when my father passed away 4 years ago. I also have a 1958 Lambretta LD that is in about 200 pieces.

I am a Marine Corps vet. After my discharge, I went to school for Machine Tool & Die, Auto Tech, and Automotive Engine Machining. I am currently the foreman in a shop that builds engines for military HMMWV's.

I'm in the process of a full rebuild on my XL that has included a 75 inch S&S stroker. I should get to light the wick on it for the first time, within the next couple weeks. Hopefully the snow will hold off until then. If it doesn't, Oh well.

I plan on posting a thread soon that will recap my 'learning experience' as I've gone through my sportster. This is my first v-twin build, and it's been interesting.
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