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First off, I got a buddy here in Seattle who's getting major chubbed up to get a first bike. He's not short, and he's not small; so a little 250 is probably gonna look like a football getting raped by a gorilla if he rides it.

So, he'd be looking for a mid-sized or maybe large bike as a starter.

Price range... well, he's got a pretty nice AR-15 he built (all good parts; not a bushmaster/DMPS 'budget' deal); I think he's got it up on the block for $1500-ish (?). I've seen and shot the rifle; couldn't tell ya' too much about it, since I'm not a long gun guy...

But thought I'd put a WTB/WTT up here (note: he's a pretty straight guy, and is probably gonna' look at WHO he sells a rifle registered in HIS NAME to - if you're prohibited from owning a rifle, I hope you'll understand).

Also, I'm kicking around the idea of trying mids on my '01 Sportster. Don't know if my legs are too long or what... won't know until I either ride a bike w/ 'em or put them on my own bike. PM if you've got some lying around.

Third one: I've got a rear hub that I'd like to lace an 18" X 3.5" or 4" rim to.

Thanks in advance!

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