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Hello all,

My name is Ben, and I'm the lead web developer at Dennis Kirk, Inc. in Rush City, MN. I've been into bikes for a long time, and have raced them, built customs, and just ridden the wheels off of them. I sold my Triumph bobber project about one and half years ago to buy my first house, so I only have my little Yamaha GT1 now, but that's fun. I'm hoping to build another bike in the next two years, but right now I'm working on my F-100 project

I've been on the HAMB since around June/July last year, and thought I'd create an account here to let everyone know that we are looking to hire a Java Developer here at Dennis Kirk.

I'll post an ad in the classifieds with a link to the ad on our website. You can email me, or email [email protected] with your resume.

Take care,

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