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These pipes are awesome, I just need CASH for Gypsy Run! They're Ceramic coated from the Bassani factory, but it started bubbling up and could use a paint job or chroming. I've been running them as is,but my bike isn't too shiny, so it didn't matter to me. No dents or dings, just bad coating.I have the baffles that simply slip into place and will include them as well...They fit Softails (Evo and TwinCam ) and will also fit most anything else with a big twin Evo engine(no right side drive that I know of though) They have oxygen sensor bungs from the factory, but I've plugged them with threaded plugs. Ready to go, just bolt on and enjoy! Shipping included to the U.S.A. PayPal only please, as a gift unless you wanna cover the charges.[email protected]
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