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Bare Knuckle Choppers springer

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Sold please delete

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you can run a brake on this width springer, has tab on lower leg for a brake stay...
bump, $900 and I will pay shipping. This thing is almost 2K new!
Xmas eve special! $800 and I pay shipping. I would like this out of my kitchen by new years!
Now whats up? I payed, you sent it back asking for it as a gift. I sent it again, you send back with no note. But I did get a $12. fee.
Did you get a better offer?
I sent you an email and in the notes section of the first refund a message that someone had pickup and paid cash for the springer. I dont see why you would be charged anything as the payee through paypal. If you are out anything please let me know I will take care of you.
on the 25th you wrote:
got the money, if you wouldnt mind can I please refund your payment and you send it to me as a "gift" that way we avoid any fees. Paypal also will hold the funds for 21 days unless its sent as a gift. Or I can just take it all as a MO and I will consider it sold. Eitehr way works for me. Thanks.
And on the 26th in notes that I did'nt see;
reund, sorry man somone came and paid cash last night for it and picked her up.

So you sold it to me on the 25th and with my coin in your pocket you sold it to someone else on the 26th.


(quote)If you are out anything please let me know I will take care of you.

I'm out 1 BNC Springer. Need my addy?
i havent posted much in awhile, but this one seems needed. that is some shady dealing going on there. NOT what this board is about.
Skunk , you need to email Jason or Ryan and let them know what you feel is going on here . This isn't the place to argue about this though .
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Not open for further replies.