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Baddest Knucklehead

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10.08 1/4 mile @ 134mph

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Hej Svenska! - Rock on!!!
Same Swedish engine builder but this time for a different purpose...:D
(Those carbs are massive...)


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COOL - i recon i could have fun riding that to and from work
Is it really a knuck if no part of it was made by H-D back in the day? I'm torn on this one and don't have an answer. Some vintage racing organizations allow replica G-50s and Manxs to run with the truly vintage bikes. It may be identical to a true knucklehead blueprint-wise, but you don't run the risk of 70-year-old cases exploding with the increased power.
"Baddest Faux-Knucklehead" didn't sound as cool.....
Thats what I call a "Swedish Made Penis Enlarger", I couldn't resist the Austin Powers humor.
That's Anders from Flathead Power, now sold to an American.
Jesus H!
That guy must've been high as giraffe pussy to purchase a "new" knuck and drivetrain for $17k. I can imagine the exile roller was cheap too.
I guess if you got the money you're gonna spend it, eh?

And someone will buy it.

Boa said:
man that thing is bad !!!!pure rock & roll !!!
Bringing this back...since I found a clip of it running.

Wow....that thing is the epitomy of "cool"....balls out fast...looks like it's going 100 mph sitting still....I wouldn't care how much of it is not's still "the shit" in my book....

Gonna us one of those shot's above of it showing the whole rioght side as my computer background for awhile...that's inspiring for what I hope to build this winter....

Thanx for posting those shots, Shooty...

Larry in MD
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