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Back to the Finger Lakes

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...well, just the one. Seneca. I've had one problem or another keeping me off the bike for a while now with either life or electrics getting in the way. Having mostly gotten the electrics sorted and life holding steady, I treated myself to a ride up one side of Seneca Lake and down the other with a stop in Watkins Glen each way. Great weather for it and no real reason not to. I discovered a leak I thought I fixed still making itself known so that was a bit of a nuisance but not enough to put anything on hold.

I stopped at Fox Run Winery on the northwest side of the lake and sampled some of their wines, bought their Cabernet Franc and Dry Reisling. The Cab was awesome and the Riesling is on tonight's menu. I also got a couple of wine glasses which I somehow managed not to break in transit.

Being more of a whisky person, I continued onward through Geneva and down the east side of the lake to Finger Lakes Distilling. For the life of me can't figure out why I tasted two new whiskeys and still came home with two bottles of the already familiar rye instead of mixing it up...except to say that their rye is exceptional. Next time.

All told, I managed to transport two bottles of rye, two of gin, one brandy and a maple liqueur in addition to the aforementioned wine and glasses. So eight bottles total...without the benefit of saddlebags. Last year I carried four bottles home in a messenger bag, this year I got a bigger backpack and doubled my haul...i don't think my back or my wallet can afford what would happen if I got a bigger bag still.

It was a nice ride, about 300 miles. The crosswinds between PA and NY kicked me around pretty good. The west side of Seneca Lake struck me as a bit nicer but the distillery alone is reason enough to hit the east and I know there were some other place worth stopping but I didn't have time for all of them. Just cellphone pics mind you, I had no real camera with me.

Fox Run

Finger Lakes Distilling

All loaded up. The bag is a Mission Workshop Fitzroy. If it doesn't fit in there, you probably don't need it.

...and my last stop before heading home -- Wildflower Cafe, Watkins Glen.

Oh yeah, also my tank is Mist Green now, thanks to Don Huthinson for being the man to go to for Triumph colors.
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