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I love that Hippy Killer...
Such a cool lookin ride.

Man, I rode through Hemet on the way out to the mountains two weeks ago and it was FUCKING HOT. Got up in to the mountains and it cooled down a bit, but then i lost my rear brake coming out of the mountains, kept riding then something started shorting and the bike was on and off for 5 miles.
Ten miles away from the Hideout. All i wanted to do was make it to the hideout where i could have had a beer, but NO...i wound up under a tree off the side of the road, tools everywhere trying to troubleshoot the problem. Couldn't do it and wound up towing the fucking thing back to O-side.

Sorry for the rant.
It has nothing to do with this thread.
I just saw "Hemet" and started re-living the nightmare...haha.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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