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Man...I dig that bike....& the chick too.

Speaking of girls on bikes there's this old junkyard near where I live & the woman who runs it (who's pushing 70 she told me the other day) is a total trip.
I can't do her justice by trying to explain the way she is here but let me just say she's got a mouth that'd make a sailor blush.
Anyhow, in the office is this picture of her from 1963 on her sportser.
I asked her about it one day & all she said was, "Oh yeah...that's me honey. I ran with an all girl gang."
I've been dying to find out more about it from her but the woman is 100mph.....once you've got your part she kicks you out.
I've gotta at least convince her to let me make a copy of the pic.....
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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