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Hello JJ folk,
I've been skulking around here for some months, and am both enjoying &
appreciating the content. Thanks for having me.
Seems I missed the 'bit' about posting here 1st...

About 6-months ago I bought myself a little retirement gift after 24years
working as a fitter-operator at the front-end of a steelworks in Port Kembla,
NSW Australia.
Proud owner of a 1969 Bonneville Chop.
I've been loving every minute of work trying to get it to a place where I
can be confidant of doing 200klm (120mile) rides without things falling off.
It's a bit heavy to push uphill for long periods of time I have discovered.

Just here to say 'Hi'...
Plan on lurking for a bit longer...

Any other Australians with YeOld British around here?

cheers, Paul...

Here's a pic of REG gettin' kicked...


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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