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Hi Guys,
New here, not to forums. Been on the Xl one for a few years.
Been riding for about 45 years now (yes, I'm tired and sore). Into Ironhead Sporties -pre 69 CH's only.

I race a 1962 Ironhead based Sidecar (we call 'em Outfits) for a few years now. Used to race solo's but I wasn't scaring myself anywhere near enough.

Built this about 3 years ago. Doing constant improvements.

This was from Broadford last year have made some serious improvements since then. Will take more pics just before I leave for The Aussie Titles in a couple of weeks.

Just started on another solo effort. Building a 1056cc Ironhead for Period 3 Racing here in Australia. Period 3 rules basically mean it had to have been built before 1963.

I also have a little Ducati I race (Nostalgia thing for me)

There's a little more info on my website, not much and I don't update all that often. Too busy with life itself.

Oh. Last year I was the only one racing a 900cc Outfit in Australia, possibly in the world. Next year we will have at least 4 on the grid and I'm hoping for 6. The day of the Triumphs and Norton's in Sidecars is at an end.

Ironheads Rule !
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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