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Attention FRC and SPS

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Hi folks. Hey, I know some of you guys from the aforementioned shops post here, so I thought you might like to know this. I live way down the bottom of the southern hemisphere in New Zealand. Yesterday I was at a bike shop a few 100km from home scrounging through their second hand parts. I get down there about once a year. Well, fuck me, the first thing I saw when I walked in the shop was a Flyrite bike getting made legal for NZ roads (tracks?). First one I ever seen down here! Check out the evidential photo if ya don't believe me.
Then, I walk out the back to the workshop and there's a bloody SPS bike getting built up! I didn't get a pic of that one, but she were definitely running an SPS frame, oilsack and seat. 200 rear tire with a flapper off an old automobile thrown on. It looked f-ing choice!
Anyway, just in case anyone is sniggering at my enthusiasm for spotting these 2 scooters, ya gotta realise that we are a real long way from the USA, and I never EVER thought the day would come where I would get to see bikes from 2 of my favourite shops. Now I just need to see an Atomic bike and a Spartan bike in the flesh (metal) and my life will be complete. Far out, what a day of days!
Also managed to score an original shovel kickstand $30 - dont laugh too much about this - I been searching for one for 2 years!


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Luke Nosewalker said:
What no atomic custom bike? Fuckers.

Marcus sell one of my bikes to someone down there you bastard!
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