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After getting a flat in the rain in St. Cloud MN, Buying a new tire at Twin City HD (hey, they were open on Sunday) I finally made it to the Blind Lizards Rally in Minneapolis. As anyone from the Twin Cities knows, these are the coolest cats around. Got lots of pics but I need to re-size them to post here but heres a few. A flamed "Atomic Cherry Bomb" scooter, Vintage BSA, Royal Enfields, Rat Nortons, Cafe Nortons, Pedal Powered lawn Mowers, a $7500 for sale FLH, etc. Due to my "mechanical retirement" I got there sorta late so the beer was gone but I did get my T-Shirt and these flics. Had a good ride back, was in the 80's and going north out of Minneapolis reminded me of the running hot in traffic thread. But the old shovelhead made goo. Saw some kids on horseback just south of Motley Mn all dressed up like nights and waving swords. I gave them the fist up salute as I rode by. Had to slap some punk on an evo at a gas station in Sebeka for commenting on my shovel. Ran into a little drizzel near Detroit Lakes but made it back to Moorhead before dark. It was a good ride.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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