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****PEGS SOLD***
60's/70's Chrome "holy" foot pegs. come with all the mounting hardware you need to apply them to your chopper frame.
45 shipped to lower 48. thats WITH all the mounting hardware.

old chrome 7/8's spiked riser mount bar. someone milled this fucker out and put some love into it. very nice piece to run dog bones or whatever you are doing.
25 shipped to lower 48.

old chopper foot peg extensions. nice chrome. a little dirty.
12 shipped tolower 48.

old 60's chrome chopper highway foot peg bar.
takes (2) u bolts to clamp to your front down tubes.
12 shipped to lower 48

old chopper mirror. pulled off a pan.
small. 20 shipped to lower 48.

PM me your email addy and i will send photos.
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