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fouraceswes said:
four days, zero bids, that says a lot about "worth"
Damn things are over $600.00 now!!! Fucking ridiculous to pay that much money for some headlights.

I personally think they are cool but not so cool as to break the bank for them! I for one will not fall prey to the "whatever it will draw is what it is worth" syndrome people have now. Parts are parts. Always have been and always will be. The biggest reason parts have become so expensive is because there are a lot of people looking for instant cool and will pay to get it. Just look at all the rust bucket hotrods. Like Nads said you couldn't give this shit away a few years ago. It was "junk" then and it is still "junk" just now someone says it is cool to have "junk" therefore "junk" has turned into gold!

Fucking Midas!
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