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Are XL fender struts compatable with early model big twin struts

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I need to raise the height of my fender due to the low shocks on my '74 Sportster. I was thinkin of using an early model big twin set because they step upward and then plain out. Is this possible without having to do major surgery on them? I want to avoid having to make a set... thanks.
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I have a set of curved struts that might help you out. I have a couple sets of FX struts, too,pm me if you're interested.
Bought a 69 that had that setup on it. Looked like they tweeked them a little, but they fit the mount perfectly. Just depends on what fender you try to match them up with. Mine had a bobbed BT fender. Still have the struts too.
Arent FL and Fx different?
Yup. The FL are a bit longer.
Yup. The FL are a bit longer.
Width is different too. I think the FX fender is 7" wide and the FL is 8".
But this is off the top of my head, so take it for what it's worth.
Larry T
Pretty much what was done back in the 70's. Replace the 18" rear with a 5.10 x 16", FX struts on the rear fender with FX shocks. Then 4" or 6" over fork tubes.
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