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Anyone with a hookup on Dunlop K180 130/80 18"?

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Pretty specific request.. Is there anyone out there in the United States importing this tire from European spots? Euro/UK chopper shops willing to ship to the US? Judging by the Dunlop EU page it is not discontinued. I could use a couple of these
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sr428's look interesting I am on the hunt for a rear tire for a 3.5" bead seat mag
don,t they make them anymore?
they are sold readily in European areas only the US K180's are now discontinued/not sold by Harley or anyone else Plus they never came in that 4.75" size I might email some fleabayg UK guys and see if they'll ship me a couple new ones
try dennis kirk
its an online tire store
bridgestone TW42 comes in 120/90-18 looks surprisingly close except its low load rating "65" 640lbs


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