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Anyone Runing their ignition switch in their headlight?

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As the title states? Please let me know what switch and or headlight. I'm having a prob finding a headlight big enough. Iv been through two. My ignition switch sticks about 1 1/2 inside the bezel. I'm using one that does not require a starter relay and is 3 way, off-on-start. If I can find a thinner switch I'll buy it.
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I've run one in a stock headlight on a 70s sportster.
a lot of the bikes in the 60's had the headlight switch ,most of them were not good quality though.sounds like you wanna clean up the wiring on you're ride but I would research other alternatives .locations
I'm doing a build and I have already ran my wiring to my head light. I ran all my wires through the frame. And have the wiring down to 4 fuses.
I dont have any pics, but it was a pain. I like putting a car style ignition switch on the frame somewhere.
If any was intersted I got it to work! It's a 5.5" lens with a 3 3/4 deep bezel. I converted it from a h4 bulb to h7. There is 4 mini fuses 3 dummy lights, and a headlight switch. The chrome trim piece on the switch is actually a DNA spacer.

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Mike.p: I like that setup. slick!

Funny thing. i thought about your bike when i read the topic and when i scrolled down.. there it was :)

well done!
Thanks! I figured I would post the pics in here incase anyone did a search in the future if/how it could be done.
That's slick. How about a shot of the whole bike.
Nice clean setup you got there and I love the flat black DNA.

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