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rev666 said:
i want to get a metal seat made for my cafe bike....anyone know where to either buy or get one made??
It is going to cost you big bucks to get a metal cafe seat. They are almost always polished aluminum that's been hand formed - PRICEY!!!

The fiberglass ones are much more reasonable but they run around $200 or so.

I'm making my own, and if I weren't a lazy ass, I'd be done by now. Anyway, here's what I'm doing and it seems to be working - if I were better at welding and sheetmetal fabrication, it would look sweet: I took an old Suzuki dirtbike gastank that I had laying around. I cut the fron off at its widest point. Then I cut the tunnel out at the seam along the bottom edges. Next I cut the tank down the center and welded in a strip of sheetmetal to widen it to fit over my frame. Then I traced the front to come up with the vertical part of the seat and then made up the sides and horizontal seat portion. I welded it all together with an OA torch and am now filling and smoothing so that I can make my own fiberglass seat from my metal mold.

If you are decent at fabbing and welding, you could do the same thing and just run the metal seat.

Of course, this is just a suggestion. Here are some sites that carry seats:

Good luck,
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