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I've been toying with converting the BSA over to a single rear disk when I re-design the bike this winter. It has front and rear drums right now, but I might as well drag my tennies for better stopping power. I Imagine all I'd need to do is adapt a Harley hub to my BSA rim and make some tabs for a caliper.

Anybody have a pic for me?

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You are welcome, I'll see if I can dig up more pix....... I think I have pix of a Kennedy fitted to a freshly rectified BCS frame with a Harrison

good question on origin

it's a 89 ish YZ125 hub and rotor with a custom made (80 bucks) sprocket and laced to an 18 inch alloy rim with custom stainless spokes

weighs 26 pounds without the H/A rotor

the caliper carrier has it's flame pattern hand cut from 6AL4V Titanium

hardtail is 9.5 inches between axle drop outs and the 18 inch Super Venom is a 140 series with a 27 inch tall rolling diameter

warning...... those tires are very sticky and will absolutely pick up rocks and debris on hot days at speed when they start getting really sticky

front wheel on that bike came from the same

and was adapted to the cherry HD springer without any mods to the springer

if you would like

I could likely come up with some viable and perhaps even desireable suggestions where you may start your search for something uniqe and easier to adapt to a brit build

On the exile....... what is the tooth count?

I had considered on back some time ago and seem to recall it being too many teeth for me to obtain the gearing on a brit I demand in order to work the superslab without running a painful 25T drive sproket and maybe a custom crank sprocket..........
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