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Any tricks to remove stripped bolt

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I have a stripped phillips head screw on the timing cover of my 72 Triumph. I have tried putting as much pressure as I can against it with no luck so far. Anyone have any helpful tips besides drilling it out and using an extractor. That will be my last resort. Thanks

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GOT EM OUT! I used a "grab bit" that I picked up from the local hardware. Has a burnishing bit on one end to make an indentation and tapered reverse bit on the other end like an extractor. A little heat and that dude came right out. Thanks for the help guys.
i'm resurecting this 'cause in the 4 years since it died we've acquired a ton of new members, and many of them might appreciate the info in this thread.

the thread i referenced above in response #19 contains another method in addition to those contained elsewhere in this thread. here's a pic and you can go here to read about it.

if you can't get a screw out using one of the tricks discussed in this thread you prolly oughtta just melt your scoot down and make jewelry out of it or something.
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atch, i use a flat punch and hammer, i like what you built!!
atch, i use a flat punch and hammer, i like what you built!!
thanx, but i get no credit. SamIyam over on the H.A.M.B. originally posted this several years ago. according to Sam Snap-On makes a tool just like this, but he made up one with stuff he had lying around.
I hear a soldering iron on the head of the screw is good to heat it up as well...
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