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We just started a furniture business, Covet Customs... It is auto INSPIRED furniture. Each of our pieces will have a pin up girl painted on them and her name. We're doing our first two pieces tomorrow for the Road Kings Car Show in Burbank. SO, around 5pm in Sun Valley (time is flexible) we need an artist who can come to us and paint ONE Rosie the Riveter style pinup girl on a stainless piece and ONE Rat Rod (Betty Davis type) Girl on bare metal.

We'll need their names "Rosie Covet" and "Betty Covet" painted on as well. Cheaper the price the better as these are our first pieces (all out of pocket) but do good work and you'll get the rest of our business, at least 5 pieces a month.

I know it is SUPER last minute but we just launched all this a week ago...

Please text your work (pics of what you have done) and rate to 8187952511 my name is Mark, thanks!
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