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Any Oregon people out there?

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This isnt really bike related, but i thought maybe someone out there might be able to help. I just lost my job and am looking to leave nevada. Would like to relocate to oregon, maybe within an hour or so from portland but thats flexible. Im just trying to make some more contacts up there. Trying to find a rental in a rural area up there that would be cool with my 3 dogs until my house down here sells. Also trying to make some contacts for work, Im in the property management/ Maintenance management field, but am open to other jobs. if anyone can help me out please shoot me a pm. thanks

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Thanks, i spent some time up there years ago, and really liked the place.
Not my field for jobs.. sorry. Super cool area if you're able to tolerate the rain. Good luck with your search :)
It rains here. A lot.
That's cause you're in P'town!! :eek: :D
Thanks, Ill do just about anything to get established up there..
Since the Oregon guys seem to be fixated on the rain I'll add a comment. We are looking at some of the small towns around Salem and I have some friends that have moved to Sweetwater a little farther south (near Albany). Best bet is probably something near the I5. Portland is too metro to us, try to stay on the western side of Oregon, east gets a lot colder from what I've seen. Hope this helps and good luck. Maybe some of the locals there can give you some better info. And it does rain, but not as much as Washington.
Southern Oregon is nice. I'm in Medford/Central Point and really like it. Reminds me alot of northern california. Not sure about your field of work up here but there are businesses hiring. Good luck!
Thanks guys, I pretty flexible where i end up. 30-60 min frmo portland would seem good, if anyone heres of anything that comes up, please shoot me a message

I was an Oregon people once. There are great support groups and rehab centers for it out there.
Seeing that you wanna be within an hour of Portland, and wanna be on I-5...I'd look into Corvalis. It's a great collage town, with a smalltown attitude, and lotsa interesting folks there. Your close to Woodburn (big tyme H-D drag racing), and about midway between Portland and Eugene. Nice climate too! I like it around there.

oh....and hwy 34 that connects Corvalis to Waldport over on the coast, is my all tyme favorite motorcycle riding road!!! Nicely paved, beautiful sweepy turns, awesome scenery......WOO-HOO!!!!! I go out of my way just to ride it several times a year. Don't miss this!!!
i live right in Portland proper. i'm just a couple miles from downtown. moved up here with my family 4 1/2 years ago from So-Cal.

i've lived all over & this is nearly my favorite place.

my observations:

- it rarely rains, but it drizzles a f'ing lot 6 months out of the year.
- most beautiful summers i've ever seen in this country.
- amazing number of hot (and friendly) girls... should have moved here when i was single :)
- lots of nice people.
- police seem mellow.
- "liberal" means a lot more than i thought it did...
- firearms laws are loose as could be.
- most of the year is fine riding.
- hard to tell who's homeless and who's a hipster
- more breweries and coffee roasters than you can shake a stick at.

in the time i've been here, i've not ventured further east than mt. hood, and only limited time in any other cities in this fine state. seem to spend all my time right in/around portland proper... work, kids, etc. i love it here, though.

good luck with the move... if you end up near portland i'll buy you a beer...
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Thanks dhalli-

Ill take you up on the beer! Hopefully ill be looking to mpve in a few months depending on how things go. I like to hear about the girls too, im recently single. haha
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