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hi everyone,

im tom. im from the austin area; san marcos which abt 20 miles south of austin. ive built mud trucks, trucks for "tough truck" contests, and helped a lot of peple build hot rods. my brother dennis got me into bikes when he found a 75 ironhead basket case real cheap. i bought the thing and have learned a lot from putting pieces together. then pullin em off to put another piece i found in the bucket lol.

truth be told i found a great deal of info on here during my build and finally got off my ass and decided to join. ive been working on my ironhead for almost a year between other projects. its been a slow process, but a great learning experiece

the bike still isnt done. i have a few small things to finish on it before the initial shake down and dis-assembly. not to mention there are probably things i missed along the way and i figure i will re-assemble the biek a few times before im happy

i look forward to posing a thread of the build. i will post a few pics at a time as i dont want to spend 1832184 hours posting stuff all at once. plus i think it will allow for some great feedback (positive and negative) from yall

have a great day,
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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