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Another Texan Intro

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Been lurking here for some time now and thought I would finally start posting.

On the day that my twin sons were born, I walked over from the hospital to the Wal-Mart to pic up something to read. The Horse was my downfall. Here were the bikes that epitomized what I thought cool bikes were! Definitely the wrong time to start building a chop with two new mouths to feed, but I was hooked. The boys will be three in May, and my bike is still not done. But I sure am having fun. Still struggle from time to time with motivation, because of all the things I don't know how to do (a lot), but I'm working my way through.

Fab Kevin has been a huge help to me. Using some of his parts, and he ALWAYS takes the time to answer a question that I have, even if it's not about a part I bought from him. Fab Kevin is the shit. Check out his stuff if you haven't yet.

So anyways, here's a pic of my project. Not everyone's cup of tea with the fat tire, but I sure am diggin the way its looking.

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Thats the're buildin YOUR bike. Fabkevin is killer. I'm running his rice rocket brake setup out back. Irish Rich is also a killer resource when in doubt. Welcome fellow Texan.
Thanks carlingas, Got that same brake setup myself, just can't see it from this pic. Irish Rich's Twin cam install article in the Horse is what motivated me to put the twin cam in there in the first place.
Welcome to the board!

I felt your pain on the motivation/frustration part.....It will get better. I made it over the hump and my project will be done very soon. Just keep widdling away at will get it done.
Welcome, your one crazy fucker building a bike with a couple new babies. I would have done the same thing. Good luck on your build.
Yeah, no one ever accused me of being smart, but I had been too long away from bikes. Was time to get back on. And thanks for the words of encouragement fellas.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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