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Another Newbie Post from the CHOP

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Some of you may know me from the HAMB. Been on there for god knows how many years. I think 5-6 now. Anyhow, I am an artist that contributes pretty regularly to the Friday art show and am just finishing up a 25 ford rpu with a hemi. I finally decided to get another bike but not one of the showroom gawdy pos's. Never built a complete bike before and not even sure when I am going to start. I got buddies in the Road Devils CC (I run the Colorado chapter) that build so they are all gonna help me out. I have had to many crotch rockets ( the last was a 900 RR with a big bore kit and sneaky pete bottle under the seat) and an old rigid back in the early 90s. I am sure I'll be asking a bunch of stupid questions in the near future.
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