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I decided to order a set of rims for this instead of trying to match something I already had. I painted the original spokes, decided to go with the stock Ducati front hub, and started to build the front wheel. Surprise! 36 spokes. 35 nipples. Great. I stole one from the back wheel and kept going. Today I got a replacement for the missing one from someone on the bevelheld list (Thanks again, Frank!) and finished lacing up the back wheel too.

Obviously the rear fender still needs to be trimmed. I've changed headlight shells - it's the same size (130mm) but this one has a boss for an igniition switch, plus I have the internals for it. The sidestand will likely be removed so I can use it on another bike.

Flanged rims were not my first choice, but the non-flanged rims I found that were affordable had been out of stock for ages. So, I went with black flanged rims hoping they wouldn't look as massive as silver. The day after I got the notice that these had shipped, I got an email that said the silver non-flanged ones I wanted were back in stock. Oops.

I trimmed a front fender to see what it'd look like. I was a little restricted by the damage on the donor part but overall I don't think I like the shorty fender, so back to the valanced front once again. And that means the matching "round" rear fender. I like fenders but it sure would be an easy way to go...

It may not look like it, but this is the most progress I've made on this thing in ages. Now it will get shoved to the side once again though so I can start working on a 900ss trackbike project that needs to be freshened up a bit before spring. I might work on this at the same time but don't quote me on that.
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